This is the Airfix 1/24 Stuka. For its age (1974) it remains an outstanding kit, with a superb Jumo and an outstanding cockpit. Surface detail is a mixture of raised and recessed rivets and panel lines, just like the real thing. The rivets are a little overscale but look fine under the paint. Decals will need solutions to help them settle over them. The kit has a trop filter and solid exhausts, a bit of a pain to drill out. I added PE belts to the office, and scratched the R type pilots armour with card and bits and bobs. Steve Gallacci kindly donated 2 300l droptanks from the Trumpeter 190D. I sourced the aircraft, the commandante of 209 squadriglia, using Gli Stuka dell Regia, an outstanding source. The Commanders pennants on the spats and tail cross are painted and I used the Supermodel SM79 set in 1/48 from PCM to get the fasces and codes. This only left modifying the number 8 from a 5 by hand! The tail surfaces need a little filler to fit, and the prop rear faces had sink marks. The canopy is an outstandingly clear and well moulded work of art. The Airfix decals are useless. Hobbyscale provided dry rub stencils in 1/24 for the Stuka. There are not many on such a big bird! As you all know, the Pichiatelli had standard Luftwaffe camo. I used Pollyscale and Xtracrylics paints and patches of verdi mimetico scuro to overpaint where the upper balkenkreuze would have been. On most photos this looks glossy. I liked the upperwing fasces as not many carried them. Underwings I free painted over where the underwing crosses were with RLM 76 as a subtle contrast to RLM 65.

Technical Data:
Junkers Ju87R-2
Manufacturer: Junkers Flugzeug und Motorenwerke A. G.
Type: Dive Bomber
Year: 1938
Engine: Junkers Jumo 211, 12-cylinder V, liquid-cooled, 1,200hp
Wingspan: 45 ft 3 in (13.79m)
Length: 36ft 5in (11.10m)
Height: 13ft 2 in (4.01m)
Weight: 9,560lb (4,330 kg) (Loaded)
Maximum Speed: 238mph (383km/h) at 13,410ft (4,090m)
Dive Speed: 404mph (673km/h)
Ceiling: 26,250ft (8,000m)
Range: 779miles (1246km)
Armament: 3 machine guns; 551lb (250kg) bomb
Crew: 2

Additional Images:
Airfix 1/24 Junkers Ju87R-2
Italian Stuka - Picchiatello
by David Pogson
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July, 2006
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