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Editor wrote:
"Fault Forrest, Hayward " ?

I remember clearly discussing a possible move to San Fran with friends and always arriving at the conclusion that knowing my luck, the year I moved to San Fran is when the fault would rip California into two and sink the part I was on into the Pacific, and me along with it lol That was my reasoning along with extremely expensive real estate that was due for a correction - I was right about this part happening (RE) to parts of the US (e.g., Nevada, Florida), but not so much to San Fran because real estate there has always been limited - its land locked - SF is sort of immune to what happens to other parts of the country or even the state wrt to RE.

Communists is a nice word compared to the people running Sacramento - Soviet Communists were pretty smart.

Hayward Fault Zone one of the parallel San Francisco Bay Area faults resembling a sideways forest.

Rethinking Communists running Sacramento to Maoists running Sacramento. Won't comment on Soviet Communists aside from the Space Program, unquestionably brilliant till the U.S.A. Apollo Program; U.S.A. still doesn't have a "Space Program" manned or robotic worth the name IMHO.
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Yes I agree with that, they're probably closer to Maoists and I even think they'd agree with that description of themselves. When asked what system of government our current prime minister admired most, he said Communist China. btw his father Pierre Trudeau beat out Nixon and Kissinger to China and was arguably a communist himself with strong ties to Fidel Castro - Castro even attended his funeral in Montreal a few years back - go figure. The things the US put up with!

I agree the Soviet Space program was brilliant. When I was at Clear Lake TX, across the street from Johnson Space Center (Houston Control), I would always run into ex-NASA personnel, they said the US govt believed (in the 60s-70s) that the Soviets actually did get to the moon before the US, the problem was that they never made it back. Anyway, the US photographed the entire moon surface looking for debris of a crashed soviet capsule(s)/LM (lunar module) but never found anything. The soviets also put a satellite into orbit around the moon trying to deter the US from making a moon landing in Apollo 13. They also mentioned to me that yuri gagarin wasn't the first man into space, the guy that made it back died on impact so the Soviets stuffed gagarin into the capsule for photo shoots. This kind of makes sense because yuri gagarin, his expressions in public, didn't appear like a guy that achieved something great - I would be thrilled or look at the US guys that did John Glenn, Buzz Aldrin, Sheppard etc. This information originated from British Intelligence supposedly. It didn't make a difference anyway because the Soviets made other flights into space before Allan Sheppard got his chance with red stone. I also met some WWII US pilots, one flew a Mustang in combat over Europe in these old converted garages near the gulf that sold draft beer for $1 buck - it was quiet amazing.

Vince Tassone
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