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Editor wrote:
Here's the photo Richard was referring to:

The caption says:

This crash landed 59a Sq., 33o Gruppo, S.79 carries a blurred-band camouflage pattern. Although the possibility of a field applied scheme exists, likely colors are from darkest to lightest, Verde Mimetico 3, Marrone Mimetico 53193 and Giallo Mimetico 3. The pattern is similar to that of chip A4 with an additional green band at the center of the yellow one.

53192 and 53193 are references to specific documents that reference these colors.

Note the two-line Payload Weight marking on the Rudder Fin painted directly over the color bands (SKY Models & Tauro Decal Sets include markings for two different S.79 payload weights). The marking could had been Factory applied though won't discount it having been Depot applied. If the camo scheme indeed was Factory applied I'd qualify it as a Schema Category albeit a one-off. The "59-5" markings all look black though...

...depicts the "5" as RED along with a small black "5" aft of the Nose Engine. The artist "WARRD" ("R. Ward" photo collector possibly) methinks mistakenly interpreted a small "5" where camo was sprayed on unless other surviving photos at the time (c.1965-1966 possibly) were available to "WARRD" in rendering the art including the big "5" on the fuselage being red.

Note curiously no multi-color bands appear to wrap over the Port Wing Leading Edge though part of a band wraps over the Port Engine Cowling suggesting this kind of camouflage pattern:

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Thanks, and help with an SM 79 scheme
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