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MPM's 1/32 Fiat G.50 Regia Aeronautica… a critique.
Chris Busbridge
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I have started to build this kit and I am very pleased with what I have found so far. The kit builds really nicely as long as you follow the 3 rules of limited-run build techniques (test fit, test fit & test fit). However, there are a few 'nit-piks' to warn other potential modellers of this interesting aircraft.

Despite having parts to allow you to build various versions of this aircraft they seem to have missed a few out. I could not find a tropical carb intake (as seen on the Fiat Cr.42AS) or the large solid spinner. There are parts for a Finnish cone shaped spinner and a small spinner, as well as a a resin piece to depict a prop without a spinner. The tiny cowling 'bumps' are resin, so I challenge anyone to apply these evenly. I tried but failed miserably. They look ever so slightly oversized so I recommend depicting an aircraft with the smooth cowl if you want to keep your sanity!

The only build error I've spotted so far is that the stabilisers need to be trimmed to align properly. If applied as moulded they will have a swept back appearance, which is clearly wrong.

Painting instructions are not too clever. According to the Ali e Colori G50 book, aircraft 150-11, 151-2 and 367-2 have the smooth cowl and a tropical intake. 367-2 should also have the large solid spinner. This leaves just 151-1 that, unless proven otherwise, can be modelled as shown, i.e. bumped cowl and standard intake.

All this this means scratch building the tropical filter or making up your own decals for other schemes (appropriate 1/32 Regia Aeronautica decals simply do not exist). For myself, I will carry on by scratch building the intake and go for the 151-2 scheme. I think this is a very good kit that is well worth building.
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MPM's 1/32 Fiat G.50 Regia Aeronautica… a critique.
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