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Expand Stormo
Keep Stormo as is, no changes please.
 28%  [ 6 ]
Yes I'd like to see armor topics covered here.
 4%  [ 1 ]
Yes I'd like to see armor and naval topics covered here.
 66%  [ 14 ]
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Comandante di Squadriglia
Comandante di Squadriglia

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Hello everybody!!
Talking personally and straight forward: I 'd like to keep this site as it is!!
have a look at the name: STORMO! is self explenatory!! peolple how join here knows exactally what they want and what they are looking for..
Probably I'm talking in this way because I'm interested ONLY in aicraft and ONLY about regia and ANR...
It is full of site aruond internet where you can find anything about armour and ships (hyperscale....)..
Anyway ..I'll be pleased to accept whatever will be decided
Best regards
fredi "pante11""
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Site Admin
Site Admin

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Ciao Fredi,
Agreed, Stormo really should focus on the RA and related airforces AMI, ANR, CoBe etc. When I started out writing Stormo the intent was to create three separate sites, Stormo (RA/ANR/CoBe), Avanti! (RE/EI) and Corrazzate (RM) with the focus on the RA and RE. Doing a single site alone is a big undertaking. But anyway I think I'll do a separate site for RE/EI armor and with all the new Italeri kits, it'll be interesting - thank you Smile!

Vince Tassone
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Comandante di Stormo
Comandante di Stormo

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I agree with you Vince. I think a new website for the armor and military vehicles to cater to a different crowd. Of course, some of us like both subjects but having it all on one site would be generalizing Stormo, and it's specialization is it's most recognizable and appealing feature.

Best regards,

Just build it!

Josť Lucero

Working on:
1/48 Fly Models Macchi M.5
1/48 Eduard Albatros D.V
1/48 Eduard Albatros D.III
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Generale di Brigata Aerea
Generale di Brigata Aerea

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ciao vince
i dont know if i am still in time to add my comment but if i am i also would like to see expansion on italian war subject like Regia Marina and Regio Esercito but i am in the order of ideas that Capitano suggested in one of his posts so not to make the forum difficult to scroll
i also think that is important not to overwhelm you as the webmaster as is obviously going to increase your effort
ciao stefano
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