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Given the lack of progress in Afghanistan should the EI pullout as the British are expected to do ?
 71%  [ 10 ]
 28%  [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 14

Comandante di Stormo
Comandante di Stormo

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Well, the CDU (Merkel) had ca. 33% of the votes on the German election, which summed up with the 15% of the FDP (Westerwelle) produces a safe majority in the parliament. Let's see if the threats were for real.

I agree with you, Vince. There does not seem to be any logic in targeting countries whose soldiers are only serving as peace-keepers; however, these maniacs do not seem to be ruled by logic...

Mike, I do believe that much worse than Pakistan's WMD are the upcoming Iranian WMDs, which will probably be more readily available to Extremists.

Let' s just hope I am wrong...

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Comandante di Squadriglia
Comandante di Squadriglia

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The reason to target Italians (even if they are not in combat zone) is
to force them to go home following public outcry.
For the Afgan there is not good or bad Westerner, they are all invaders and infidels.
Stop propping up the corrupt and unpopular government of Karzai take
all the troops home and let them fight between themselves as they will.
I might be cynical but I do not care if the Afgan women are forced to
wear black robes or if a thief gets his hands chopped off, but I do care if
one of our valiant soldiers gets killed for a futile and hopeless cause.
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Vincent Biondi
Generale di Divisone Aerea
Generale di Divisone Aerea

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I agree with you.
The west is trying to bring DEMOCRACY to a people that do not understand it and never will!
Let them be and do whatever they want. Like anywhere else in the world, if the Afghan women don't like the way they are treated, then leave the country and immigrate to one that respects you.
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6 Italian soldiers killed in Kabul suicide blast
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