Macchi M.39 Schneider Trophy Racer
Photos by Giulio Gobbi
Museo Storico Vigna di Valle, Roma, Italy
Courtesy of ModellismoPiu
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The ninth competition in the Schneider Trophy series was held in 1926 and was won by a Macchi M.39, flown by Mario De Bernardi. The trophy had been won by England in 1922 and by the United States in 1923 and 1925. The race was held in Norfolk, Virginia on November 11-13, 1926. There were three Macchi M.39s in the race flown by De Bernardi, Arturo Ferrarin and Adriano Bacula. The design was a masterpiece of aerodynamics and the M.39 would become the model for a series of seaplane racers, English (including Supermarine) as well as Italian.  First impressions were not misleading, De Bernardi won the trophy with an average speed of about 246 mph (295 km/h) while Bacula came third with an average speed of more than 210 pmh (335 km/h).

Technical Specifications:
Macchi M.39
Aeronautica Macchi
Twin-float Racing Seaplane
Engine: FIAT AS. 2, 12 cylinder water cooled V , 880 hp
30ft 5in (9.26m)
22 ft 1in
Empty Weight: 2,781 lb (1,261 kg)
Loaded Weight: 3,472 lb (1,575 kg)
Maximum Speed:
259 mph (416 km/h)
Ceiling: ---
Range: ---

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