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Ali e Immagini

This NEW high-quality series of monographs edited by "LA BANCARELLA AERONAUTICA" is exclusively devoted to Italian WW2 aircraft. The series is edited by Giorgio Apostolo, the best known and most respected Italian Aviation Historian and the author of several authoritative texts. The volumes contain text in both English and Italian and contain the photos of each aircraft. The books consist of 80 pages, cm. 21 x 29.7 with over 200 b&w

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Ali e Immagini Vol. 1 FIAT CR.32

As an integration of the highly successful Ali d'Italia collection by Giorgio Apostolo, this new title by the same author, the first of a NEW Series, is a photo-only (with some text) album containing more than 200 b&w photographs - detailing one of the best known and admired Italian biplane fighters. The book is a collection of high-quality photos presented chronologically, most of which have never been seen before, illustrating the aircraft over the course of its career, from delivery to the first operational units, to its operational debut in the Spanish War, through to the use of the aircraft by Italy's famous aerobatic teams, until the early stages of the war (Regia Aeronautica) and the Flying Schools - the coverage is extensive and complete. Italian / English text. The book consists of 80 pages, cm. 21 x 29.7, with over 200 b&w photos and laminated cover.

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