WW2 Fighters Compared

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Post by Editor » Sun Sep 19, 2010 4:29 pm

two-o-five wrote:Excellent comments by all.

The article states in the heading that this is "... the first part of a major new Aeroplane series ...". Are all the articles in the series going to be this poorly researched and based on irrelevant criteria?

I'd like to see Aeroal's post submitted to the magazine as a letter to the editor. It needs to be brought to their attention that they really dropped the ball, and that the readers expect better of them.

Thanks Jay. A good suggestion to submit Aeroals post as a letter to the editor of Aeroplane Monthly.

Blake Roskelley sent-in the following link of an account of an RAF pilot who flew a captured C.200, it also describes how British pilots viewed the C.202. Its quiet an interesting read:

Vince Tassone

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