Articles about painting WW2 Italian Aircraft.

Post tips n' tricks, construction and detailing techniques, airbrushing techniques, decals, references and tools
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Articles about painting WW2 Italian Aircraft.

Post by Plastimic » Wed Jul 14, 2021 3:35 pm

I am having a difficult time getting the right paint effect for my Fly 1/72 Fiat G.50 Bis Freccia. I just need to be pointed towards some good articles about aribrushing the camoflauge. I'm sure there are some on here but I feel like I am just not finding them. My biggest issue is getting the green mottle right. From pics I have seen it was added in a very subtle way and was really feathered. I tried masking but the edge came out too hard and the mottle itself too opaque.



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Re: Articles about painting WW2 Italian Aircraft.

Post by Vincent Fiore » Thu Jul 15, 2021 12:44 am

Good morning Tim.

I don t know of any articles to recommend, but maybe I can help. First get some M R P lacquer paint. an airbrush with a . 02 or .015 needle. Set your air pressure to eight or ten lb. pressure. Get close to your work and paint your blotches. When you have completed your desired effect, from a distance of about eight to ten inches away from the model give the entire model a very light mist of the base color. It softens the effect and gives a dusty look which you are looking for. I hope this will help you. Practice on an old scrap model, until you get a hang of things. Good luck.

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Re: Articles about painting WW2 Italian Aircraft.

Post by dogsbody » Thu Jul 22, 2021 7:55 pm

This is from the 72nd Scale Aircraft forum, from a few years ago.

Bert's Italian Camo
Using Pastels

After the base coat of sand is airbrushed and flat coated (I use Testors Dullcoat), I take an Xacto blade and lightly scrape along the pastel stick until I have a small mound of powder. Pastels come in dozens and dozens of colors. But, you can actually mix shades of pastels to achieve the correct color needed. When that's done I use a small brush to apply the pastels. You need to cut off almost all the bristles until you end up with barely anything remaining. The end of the bristles should be flattened like a stippling brush used for stencils. Dab it into the pastel powder and apply to the model using a dabbing motion until you build up the color. I usually apply quite a few "spots" at a time and then use another larger and softer bristle brush cut the same way to soften and blend them.

Then I repeat this process over and over again until it's all done. I use white cotton Photographers gloves while doing this to keep the model free of oily fingerprints in the areas yet to be done. When finished, I seal them with Testors Dullcoat, spraying slightly away from the model at first, and then applying a heavier coat. It takes me several sessions over a few days to complete the task. Believe me, after a while you will need to take a break.

It just so happened I had acquired a very large number of different colored pastels along the way. I'm not sure how I came upon this idea. Maybe out of necessity, because airbrushing this type of camouflage is beyond my scope of talent. Especially, since I use a single action airbrush. I never got the hang of the double action. I also use this technique on Luftwaffe mottled camouflage.

I've been using this method for years now. Like everything else about modeling, I've gotten better using this method over time. Some of my earlier work is less convincing. So, if you give it a try, don't be disappointed at first if things don't turn out the way you want. It will take some practice. After dull coating, I continue building just as if I was using paint. This only works using darker colored pastels over a lighter base color, not the other way around!

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