Special Hobby Reggiane Re.2000 Serie I 1/48 dissapointment

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Special Hobby Reggiane Re.2000 Serie I 1/48 dissapointment

Post by Plastimic » Tue Sep 14, 2021 4:03 am

Hello Everyone,

I am a Re.2000 and Re.2001 fan. After digging in and starting on Special Hobbies 1/72 Re.2000 serie III, I fell hard. My first blackout purchase occurred when I went to Model Land here in Calgary Alberta and saw Classic Airframes Re.2001 for about 40 bucks. Yes that kit. I call it my golden horse shoe purchase.Then I couldn't help myself and I saw Special Hobbies 1/48 Re.2000 serie 1 for sale from Gdkits. Gabriel the owner is really nice and an enthusiastic modeller. I bought my Fly 1/72 Fiat G.50 from him. He gets my models to me super quick and I will always try and give some money when I can....plus,hey, how often do you get packages from. SWITZERLAND?

The following is a precautionary tale.

The kit arrived quickly and I was really excited I had bought all 4 CMK resin upgrade sets for this kit from Model Hobbies in England which also arrived quickly. I had sugarplum dreams of a beautiful 1/48 Falco soaring about in my head.

I had downloaded the instructions from scalemates.com website and from what I saw it looked like, FINALLY, there was a perfect or close to perfect Re.2000 in 1/48. But when you become an admirer of a plane you start to learn things. What version had what bump here, rivet there kinda stuff. We see those Bf109 nine addicts foaming at the mouth and Spitfire aficionados go into convulsions...

The cockpit is nearly perfect, the only thing one can add is some harnesses and maybe some wiring. They really did a great job. The landing gear is also fairly decent. My CMK wheels and strengthened tail wheel will look good.

The engine is also decent...until you turn it around and the cylinders are hollow on the back. Fortunately the engine cooling flaps are in the closed position. Not really a big deal there's fixes and after market engines to deal with that. If one chooses to open it up.

The Cowling is ok, but I feel the top air intake is a lil thick.

But here's where it all goes so bloody wrong it's actually infuriating.


They got it right on the 1/72 kit, even the drawings for the 1/48 kit in the paint guide section are correct.

But how do you,I assume, go through a test mold, a test build and not a single person realized they have the wrong wings? The wings supposedley come from Classic Airframes Re.2000....

They are not 2000 wings not even close. They look like a 2002 0r 2001 wing...but they are Deffinetley NOT 2000 wings

The 2000 had a unique center section with 4 acces panels on each side and an extra stringer, the technical list is lengthy, I'm sure the educated eye can see....actually there's just a lot of NO going on with the classic airframe wing that Special Hobby incorporated into this kit. So if you do buy this kit, may you have the scribing skills of a master. I do not.

I just am at a loss how you get it right on a 1/72 kit have the correct drawings in the plans for your 1/48 kit yet there are the wings...not even close.

I know I'm crazy, but when it looks like a duck and quacks like a cow....either I have had one too many Stretto's or I need a few more, to drown my sorrows. The excuse short run injection kit doesn't really do much in this situation for a plausible excuse.

So here's a question, are Special Hobby aware they goofed? What is being done if so?
I'm so busted, my poor Falco with ugly bastardized wings....Another Stretto please!

I thank you for allowing me to rant.

Please stay safe and be healthy and may your builds be kind on your nerves


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Re: Special Hobby Reggiane Re.2000 Serie I 1/48 dissapointment

Post by dogsbody » Sun Sep 19, 2021 4:00 pm

Damn! That's rough.

I wish I could help in some way, but all I've got are an old Supermodel kit, an Italeri kit and a Special Hobby kit, all in 1/72 scale.

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