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Later This Year: Retired In Kalifornia's WWII Luftwaffe Aircraft Model Builds In Progress Photos

Posted: Mon May 11, 2020 9:32 pm
by RetiredInKalifornia
This discussion thread is devoted to photos of current model builds in progress of favored 1/72 scale WWII Luftwaffe aircraft with emphasis on those first released after WWII prior to 1970. Those kits listed below sans the Italeri Focke-Wulf Fw 190A & Messerschmitt Me 210/410, Lindberg Heinkel He 219 & Messerschmitt Me 410 have been constructed numerous times those aforementioned for the first time, sayonaras to almost six decades of building Luftwaffe-subject models. Construction will commence later in 2020 after the Italian aircraft model builds are complete, additional model kit builds if any will be in new groups.

- > Kit Maker Aircraft Models (Original Release Year, Commentary)

Group I Focke-Wulf Fw 190s & Messerschmitt Bf 109s

- > Airfix Fw 190D-9 (1958, near toy-like molding, likely first D-9 in any scale)
- > FROG Ta 152H-0/1 (1971, generic molding, likely first 152H in any scale)
- > Heller Fw 190A-8/F-3 (late 1960s, good molding detail)
- > Heller Bf 109B-1/C-1, Bf 109E-1/4, Bf 109F-4/Trop, Bf 109G-2/5/6, Bf 109K-4 (all late 1960s some first in any scale, good moldings though dated)
- > Italaerei Fw 190D-9 (1978, good molding detail)
- > Italeri Fw 190A-8/F-8 (1989, good molding detail)

Group II July-August 1940 Battle Of Britain

- > Airfix Junkers Ju 87B-2 (1957, near toy-like molding, likely first post-WWII 1/72 scale Stuka)
- > Airfix Junkers Ju 88A-4 (1965, tad better than generic molding, back dating to A-5 version)
- > Airfix Messerschmitt Bf 110C-2/3/4,D-2 (1959, near toy-like molding, likely first post-WWII 1/72 scale Zerstörer)
- > FROG/Matchbox Dornier Do 17Z-2 (1971, tad better than generic molding)
- > FROG Heinkel He 111H-3/6 (1972, fair molding detail, likely first 1/72 scale early H-series)
- > Revell Messerschmitt Bf 109E-1/4 (1963, near toy-like molding)

Group III Heinkel He 219 Late 1960s Kits

- > FROG He 219A-0/1 (1966, generic molding, believed first Uhu in any scale)
- > Lindberg He 219A-0/1 (1967, toy-like molding, worst Uhu on market)
- > Revell Heinkel He 219A-0/1 (1967, good molding, detail decades-long stalwart)

Group IV Zerstörers und Bombers

- > FROG Messerschmitt Me 410A-1 (1967, tad better than generic molding, optional A-1/U4 variant with 50mm Bordkanone)
- > Italeri Messerschmitt Me 210A-1 (1998, good molding detail)
- > Italeri Messerschmitt Me 410A-1 (1999, good molding detail)
- > Lindberg Messerschmitt Me 410A-1 (1966, toy-like molding, first 1/72 scale Hornisse worst on market)
- > Airfix Heinkel He 177A-5 (1967, fair molding detail, decades-long stalwart)
- > Revell Focke-Wulf Fw 200C-3/U1 (1966, generic molding, first 1/72 scale Condor decades-long stalwart)

Group I Messerschmitt Bf 109 Builds

Posted: Sat Oct 24, 2020 7:49 pm
by RetiredInKalifornia
October 24, 2020

Heller of France’s late 1960s to mid-1970s 1/72nd scale Messerschmitt Bf 109 scale model kits constituted the first all styrene plastic-injected line of the major variants:



Better tooled than contemporary 1/72 scale Bf 109 kits (i.e. Airfix’s mid-1950s Bf 109G, Revell’s early 1960s Bf 109E) all including the excellent mid-1970s Bf 109E have been eclipsed by better tooled offerings, readily available & reasonably affordable on resale markets their structural simplicity made for easy builds during the 1980s those shown above being the last ever. To save on building time & resources commencing in December 2020 they will be concurrently built.

Thank You & Apologies

Posted: Wed Nov 04, 2020 8:48 pm
by RetiredInKalifornia
This discussion thread was earnestly stared months ago to document my 1/72nd scale Luftwaffe aircraft builds, apologetically there will be no builds my entire collection of non-Italian aviation subject model kits, paints & research publications today November 4, 2020 given to a Sacrmento-based scale model-oriented hobby shop for resale. After building the last Italian aviation subject model kits by end of this year am retiring from scale model kit building, thanks to all for visiting this discussion thread - Richard