Fiat Cr.42 Franco Bordoni Bisleri, CA 1/48

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Yes, Generally True With CAI 18° Gruppo CR.42s...

Post by RetiredInKalifornia » Tue Jun 02, 2020 9:19 pm

stefanuccio wrote:
Tue Jun 02, 2020 8:23 pm
As far as i know
in the CAI squadriglia 95 always had individual numbers positioned towards the cockpit and squadriglia number towards the tail
as 9-95 fuselage left side
and 95-9 fuselage right side
with individual number facing towards the cockpit
but may be a nice pic could prove me wrong
...Seen some later war photos of 18° Gruppo Macchi C.200s squadriglia numbers front or rear both sides, same with 1° Stormo's pre-WWII FIAT CR.32s, wartime C.200s & 202s, 1943 photos I've seen of 155° Gruppo's C.202s squadriglia codes were aft of white belly bands both sides. Don Greer's cover art showing two 18° Gruppo C.202s on Squadron Publications' classic 1976 Regia Aeronautica Vol.1 pictorial paperback was inspiration for my third from last-ever 1963-vintage FROG C.202 kit build though a "what-if" in 18° Gruppo livery, 95° Squadriglia codes in front of the Gruppo shield both fuselage sides for aesthetic "visual balance" reasons:




Didn't have later war 18° Gruppo black, white, red number decal sets as seen on Greer's art, employed those on the SKY Models 72-035 decal sheet for CAI FIAT CR.42s instead, its "what-if" after all :lolno:
Original Art Rendered 1997

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Re: Fiat Cr.42 Franco Bordoni Bisleri, CA 1/48

Post by stefanuccio » Thu Jun 04, 2020 9:02 am

Hi Vince
Nice to ear from you
I am very often on the Stormo
reserching for references feedbacks and to look at the amazing builts of our various modelers
we are still a very significant community to whom i am very proud to belong

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