Looking for photos of some particular C.202 Foglores

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Looking for photos of some particular C.202 Foglores

Post by MarkoZG » Wed Jan 11, 2012 5:10 pm

I just started my own "group build" of four different Macchi C.202 kits from Hasegawa in 1/72nd scale. I am doing extensive modification and correction of the kit to make accurate models from it.
Since I wnat to cover different subtypes, that is how I chose the markings (they will mostly come from Skymodels set).
My problem is that I am missing photos for some of these machines, so I would like to ask you if someone could help.
This is what I need:

1.) C.202 serie II, M.M.7712 "97-2" Cavallino rampante, flown by sottotennente Jacopo Frigerio, or any other serie II aircraft with visible MM number and other markings
2.) C.202 serie III, M.M.7797 "80-8“ Filippo – picture from starboard side (right side)
3.) C.202 serie III A.S., M.M.7844 "91-3“ 4 Baracca – picture from starboard side (right side), which would confirm the existence of the camera in the wing

I hope that you could help me.

Best regards,


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