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BroPlan Caproni Ca.133 Up For Sale On eBay...

Post by RetiredInKalifornia » Tue Jan 07, 2020 4:03 pm

...An Australian eBay has it up for bid till Sunday January 12th, placed U.S. $90 then $100 bid, somebody or others have higher limits, gave up knowing could be years till another comes on the market; canopy was yellow-aged anyway. There also is a BroPlan Caproni Ca.111 up for sale, though about bidding on it but isn't as desirable.

I've made exceptions buying & building models of pre-1935 Italian aircraft, Caproni Ca.100 in particular, bought & built the entire Choroszy Modelbud Ca.100 line, glad I had, were good builds well as interesting to look at - - just found a Czech-made FLY 72013 1/72 Scale Caproni Ca.101 Piaggio Stella P.VII Engines resin kit for sale also on eBay "at a good price", bought it forthwith :thumbup: DO hope I'd not made a mistake here! Based on the 1927-vintage Ca.97 single-engine transport the Ca.101 trimotor was basis of the Ca.111 & 133 later also employed as a bomber, you'd think there be resins of the 111 & 133, haven't found them yet, if none forthcoming by end of 2022 the 101 will have to suffice in way of representing the 101-133 development line amongst my model builds.

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