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Post by Editor » Tue Mar 17, 2020 9:34 pm

Exactly about Tucker, he's sounding more alarmist than informational on Covid-19, I guess since he got Biden wrong (of course our Scientific poll on Stormo predicted a Biden win in a landslide as well as getting the Superbowl right :lol: ) and he was also wrong about the Hillary DNC nomination in 2016 (together with Mark Steyn who gets a lot of things wrong, although very entertaining), he feels the need to remind us at the beginning of each show how he got corona "right". Yes the US/Trump response to Covid-19 has been incredible, yet criticized to death including sparking "outrage" for calling Covid-19 the Chinese virus? We haven't heard a word from our PM and we're in lock down - how lucky you guys are to have the leadership you do.
Vince Tassone

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COVID-19 Didn't Stop My 2020 "Cemetery Tour"

Post by RetiredInKalifornia » Fri Mar 20, 2020 10:41 pm

The annual "cemetery tour" trip of relatives March 18th & 19th was best since commencing them in 2017 insofar as not being bothered by left side nose sinus & tinnitus pain thanks to neti pot salt water flushing, done wonders since began using it last month, that along with not driving though God-awful bad air though the San Joaquin Valley filled with agricultural production-related pollutants.

California State Route 99 (Hwy 99) & Interstate 5 (I-5) traffic on way to Los Angeles morning & afternoon the 18th normal weekday, no delays other than slowing for always present road construction work, traffic through San Fernando Valley, around downtown Los Angeles, Interstate 710 toward Long Beach much lighter than normal, on way stopped off at two cemeteries to leave flowers & pay respects. Days Inn hotel I'd stayed overnight 18th-19th in Artesia southeastern Los Angeles County less than quarter occupied, they'd upgraded me to room with king bed same price; 5:30 p.m. walked to MacDonald's across street, dining room closed, went to auto speaker to order Big Mac meal, said I was on foot, worker didn't know what to do :crazy: she got boss on, said he'll serve me at window, ate at hotel next to empty cabana.

Departing Artesia 5:30 a.m. the 19th immediately got hung up in traffic at California State Route 91 & Interstate 605 due to auto accident, traveled on light surface roads to I-5, traffic on it around downtown Los Angeles & San Fernando Valley much lighter than usual bumper-bumper mess. Traffic through Tehachapi Mountains on I-5 north much lighter than normal, raced though lickity split, at Grapevine stopped at Denny's restaurant, was closed :eh: continued on Hwy 99 to Taft Highway junction to get gas + food to eat. Whilst driving in-out of rain cells heard Trump's morning COVID-19 briefing on radio, at Goshen were Dad's father arrived there by rail from Portugal in 1905 drove west on State Route 198 to Grangeville Cemetery Armona paying respects to Mom's dad & older sister, Mom's grandfather Sergeant Samuel Brownlow Lewis who's served in Company L 13th Tennessee Calvary (Union) during the Civil War.

Departing Grangeville around 10:30 a.m. headed north on State Route 41 towards Fresno to Hwy 99 in-out of rainstorms, at Merced weather cleared, traffic lighter than normal then on. Arriving home at 1:15 p.m. heard news about Sacramento County's "stay in place" order ala San Francisco Bay Area counties well as Orange County, 7:15 p.m. heard about Gavin Newsom's "stay in place" order for all off California whilst at local supermarket, glad indeed I'd completed the tour in time!

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