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F-16A Fighting Falcon 1/72 - HE01913

Lockheed Martin multi-role jet fighter aircraft in Aeronautica Militare service. Limited edition dual kit, each with recessed panel lines, basic cockpit, optional seated pilot, boarding ladder, detailed wheel wells and undercarriage, multi-part canopy, 300 gallon drop tank and photo-etch reinforcing plates.

Decals and painting reference for 2 colorful special scheme Italian aircraft:
1) MM7249 of the 37th Stormo, 10th Gruppo
2) MM7240 of the 37th Stormo, 18th Gruppo

Includes instrument markings and stencil data.

Shipping Location Scale Price CAD
CANADA US 1/72 $55.99

F-104S Starfighter ASA, Italian AF (AMI) - 09694

In the late 1960s, the Italian Air Force developed a more advanced version of the Starfighter, the F-104S, for use as an all-weather interceptor. The F-104S received a NASAAR R21-G with moving-target indicator (for some ability against low-level targets) and a continuous-wave illuminator for semi-active radar homing missiles, including AIM-7 Sparrow and Selenia Aspide. The missile-guidance avionics forced the deletion of the Starfighter's internal cannon. In the mid-1980s surviving F-104S aircraft were updated to ASA standard (Aggiornamento Sistemi d'Arma, or Weapon Systems Update), with a much improved, more compact Fiat R21G/M1 radar.

Selenia Aspide:
The Aspide is an Italian medium range air-to-air missile produced by Selenia (now part of Alenia). It is provided with semi-active radar-homing seeker. The missile is similar in appearance to the American AIM-7 Sparrow, but, at the moment of its introduction, the Aspide was provided with mono-impulse guide instead of the conic scan, which made it more resistant to ECM and more precise. This innovation appeared on Sparrows later with the AIM-7M version.

Because of its resemblance to the AIM-7, the Aspide has generally been classified by the non-Italian press as a Sparrow version; however, the Aspide had original electronics, warhead and a new and more powerful engine.

Aspide, in its various version, was used both in the air-to-air role, carried by Aeronautica Militare's F-104 Starfighters in the apposite versions F-104S and F-104ASA, and in the surface-to-air naval role. In the latter it has been replaced by the MBDA Aster (Italian French consortium).

145 plastic parts. Contains markings for 2 Italian A.F. (AMI) interceptors.

Shipping Location Scale Price CAD
CANADA US 1/48 $44.99

F-104S STARFIGHTER "TIGER MEET 1996" - 09731

Modern U.S. Jet Fighter. Italian F-104S STARFIGHTER at "TIGER MEET 1996" MM6716.

145 plastic parts. Contains markings for Italian A.F. (AMI) 21st Stormo "TIGER MEET 1996" MM6716.

Shipping Location Scale Price CAD
CANADA US 1/48 $64.99

F-104S Starfighter 'Italian Special' - 09618

Modern U.S. Jet Fighter. F-104 ASA-M MM6930/'999'. Special tail markings of Italian World War One ace Francesco Baracca and the striking colors of the Ducati motorcycle company.

145 plastic parts. Contains markings for F-104 ASA Starfighter 'Italian Special 999'.

Shipping Location Scale Price CAD
CANADA US 1/48 $64.99

F-104S 'Italian Air Force' - 09402

Modern U.S. Jet Fighter. Special local development of the F-104S Italian variant with special systems and updates to avionics and electronics. Extremly rare kit in 1/48.

145 plastic parts. Contains markings for 3 F-104S Starfighters. 23o Gruppo 5o Stormo AMI, 12o Gruppo 36o Stormo AMI and 10o Gruppo 9o Stormo.

Shipping Location Scale Price CAD
CANADA US 1/48 $39.99

AV-8B Harrier II Plus Italian Navy - 09684

Modern U.S. Tactical Fighter Bomber, Close Support Aircraft. The Harrier II is a family of second generation vertical/short takeoff and landing (V/STOL) jet aircraft of the late 20th century. They were developed from the earlier Hawker-Siddeley Harriers, and are much improved over the earlier design. Primarily used for light attack or multi-role tasks, and are almost all operated from small aircraft carriers. The U.S. Marine Corps procured 27 Harrier II Plus aircraft; the Italian Navy procured 16 Harrier II Plus aircraft and 2 TAV-8B aircraft, and the Spanish Navy procured eight Harrier II Plus aircraft.

172 plastic parts. This kit expands on the base kit by adding AIM-120 launcher parts and NEW launcher attachment parts. Contains markings for new Italian Navy carrier Giuseppe Garibaldi 1 GRUPAER Code: 1-05 Grottaglie Base.

Shipping Location Scale Price CAD
CANADA US 1/48 $47.99

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