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MAS Crew and Accessories - 1/35 - IT5611

6 unpainted Regia Marina torpedo motorboat crewmen. Each is a multi-part figure molded in action pose - helmsman, commander, Breda 20mm AA gunner, loader, and 2 deck hands. Also includes gangplank, life ring and 3 types of mooring bollards.

For use with Italeri kit IT5608.

Shipping Location Scale Price CAD
CANADA US 1/35 $35.99

S.L.C. 200 "Maiale", 1/35 - 5605

The Siluro a Lenta Corsa (Slow Moving Torpedo), better known as the "Maiale" (Pig), was first developed in 1935 by Captains G.N. Toschi and Tesei; the idea was to place the weapon system, with a crew of two men, beneath the hull of an enemy ship at anchor, and to attach a large delayed explosive charge to a cable between the anti-roll bilge keels. During the Second World War, the SLC damaged and sank 16 vessles in daring and spectacular raids, including the sinking of the two English battleships, Valiant and Queen Elizabeth, for a total gross tonnage shipping of approximately 200,000 tons.

"The closest that allied war correspondents came to describing any Europeans as 'suicide warriors' was the description of the the Italian underwater chariot raiders ...", WWII Nation by Nation, J. Lee Ready.

Markings for one Siluro a Lenta Corsa + color instruction manual. Includes photo etch parts.



Shipping Location Scale Price CAD
CANADA US 1/35 $29.99

M.T.M. "Barchino", 1/35 - 5604

The Barchino was a modified speedboat that was used effectively in the Mediterranean between 1940 and 1942. The first craft appeared in 1936 and the use of these weapons envisaged that the Barchino would approach near to an enemy fleet; the pilot would then attack a specified target at maximum speed in a collision course with the target, ejecting the pilot at approxmately one hundred meters before impact. Craft of this kind were used successfully by the famous WWII Italian Special forces unit, Decima X MAS in operations against the British navy at Suda (Crete) and at Malta.

Markings for one M.T.M. Barchino + color instruction manual. Includes photo etch parts.

Shipping Location Scale Price CAD
CANADA US 1/35 $29.99


MAS 568 4a Serie - 1/35 - IT5608

Highly successful Italian WWII torpedo boats used against surface targets in the Mediterranean. Regia Marina high-speed Motoscafo Armato Silurante (Torpedo Armed Motorboat), '500 class' armed against surface and submarine targets. Kit features 1-piece full hull (separate transom and strakes), concealed deck/hull reinforcing screws, fully detailed helm, optional position cabin and foredeck hatches, well detailed deck fittings, life rings, delicate injection-molded railings, depth charge rack with charges (x6), 450mm torpedoes (x2) with launch racks, well detailed Breda 20mm anti-aircraft gun mount, die-cut acetate portholes and windows (with pre colored frames), cordage, and display stand with nameplates. Also includes photo-etch details and photographic reference manual. Completed model is approximately 21.7" long.

Decals and painting guide for 2 Italian vessels:
1) MAS 568 (4a serie), Black Sea, summer 1942
2) MAS 563 (3a serie), Mazara del Vallo, Italy, 1943

Includes hull markings ensign, pennant and stand placards.

Shipping Location Scale Price CAD
CANADA US 1/35 $159.99
INTERNATIONAL 1/35 $159.99

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